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About Eccentric Gins…

From their Distillery in Caerphilly the Eccentric team use traditional distilling methods – producing classic London Dry Gins and less well known New Western Style Gin – they even rest one of their gins in old burgundy barrels, each gin has its own distinct smooth flavour that appeal to all ages and palates.

No fancy gimmicks – Eccentric Gin let their gins do the talking for them and will continue to produce small batch craft gins with innovative results to be enjoyed by both old and new gin drinkers.

The team have even planted juniper bushes in south wales and plan to harvest and use welsh juniper in their Gins.

Cardiff Dry Gin.

Madam Geneva. (Traditional Dry Gin)

Dewis Sant. (Citrus Gin)

Limbeck. (Ginger forward and rested in oak barrels)

Young Tom. (Distilled from IPA beer)

Violet full strength Gin.

Violet liqueur Gin.

Pembrokeshire Pink Gin

Available in 70 cl, 35 cl and 5 cl sizes.

Visit Tyn y Cae Cottage, Groes Faen Rd, Petertson Super Ely, CF5 6NE between 8.30am and 3pm Monday to Friday to buy or collect your gins.

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Tyn y Cae Cottage, Groes Faen Rd, Petertson Super Ely, CF5 6NE
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Rob Higgins
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029 2039 7554 / 07814 166983
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