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Morbitorium – Museum & Shop

Curios for the curious, oddities for the odd

The Morbitorium is an old-fashioned “cabinet of curiosities” style museum where we have gathered together some of the most unusual items from all across the world. Our only criteria? They’ve got to be weird or creepy!

Situated in the quiet village of Pontywaun, this nineteenth-century cottage stands next to the Monmouthshire canal and is a few minutes walk from Cwmcarn Forest Drive, but even before you step foot inside you’ll get a taste for what lies within. Standing guard next to the entrance is an 8ft skeleton statue called Mort, and rusty horseshoes above the door ward away evil spirits.

Once you enter the house you’ll find the most amazing and varied collection of oddities. There are exhibits covering folklore, medical antiques, skulls, wicca & witchcraft, taxidermy and the occult. It’s a must visit for anyone with an interest in the unusual things in life.

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The museum is free to enter but does accept donations if you would like to help support our work.

Looking for a unique gift for an awkward friend?

Or maybe you just want to treat yourself? Whatever your reasons for visiting, the Morbitorium is unlike any other shop you’ll have been to before.

Standing guard outside the entrance is an 8ft skeleton statue called Mort, and rusty horseshoes are arranged above the doorway to ward off evil spirits. Once inside, you’ll find that not only do we sell a mix of everyday witchcraft essentials, plus some of the most unusual items you’ll find, but the shop forms part of our cabinet of curiosities museum so you’ll be able to select your next tarot card deck in the appropriate spooky atmosphere surrounded by skulls, taxidermy and other oddities.

We can help you with

·         Tarot cards

·         Spell candles

·         Crystals

·         Spirit boards

·         Homewares

·         A wide variety of skulls

·         Taxidermy

·         And lots, lots more

You can browse through some of our items in the online shop but there are always lots more things available in person. Why join our mailing list to find out about new products and special offers?

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5 Gelli-Unig Place, Pontywaun, Caerphilly,
NP11 7GG
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Dave Roberts
01495 273298
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