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Matthew Jones Ceramics

Based in the county of Caerphilly, Matthew provides a range of workshops, classes and projects in ceramics, pottery and art. Matthew also produces a range of table and functional ware.

Matthew produces a range of cups, bowls, plates and tapas oven dishes using terracotta, stoneware and porcelain. All his pieces are hand-thrown/cast allowing him to tailor his work to suit your needs.

Through his craft he expresses himself and his feelings about life. He uses clay as a silent material to speak from the heart. The work reflects his character, strong in form, fluid and unfussy in style and decoration. Clay accurately records the stages involved in making a pot. It tells the story of its own creation by retaining residual marks, signs of the hand that made it.

By leaving throwing rings, fingerprints and uneven edges, Matthew wants people who handle his pots to sense how the once soft and plastic clay has been manipulated into a form determined by its intended use.

Matthew can supply products, or you can book a gift experience and make your own – children’s parties or gift vouchers for that one to one experience are all readily available.

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Unit 1, Mynyddislwyn Offices, Bryn Road, Blackwood
NP12 2BH
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Matthew Jones
07811 596672
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