Hello from the Business Enterprise Renewal Team at Caerphilly County Borough Council

We are currently updating the information we hold on your business and would be grateful if you could complete the form below to confirm your details.
We will use this information to contact you with monthly business newsletters, update you on business news, events, programmes and initiatives, funding opportunities and support organisations. If you confirm to give permission for us to hold this information; it will only be used for the purposes listed above.

If you have any queries regarding this please contact the team on email: business@caerphilly.gov.uk or call 01443 866220.

Thank you for your time.

    How we will use your information: Caerphilly County Borough Council will use the contact details you provide to update you on business events, programmes and initiatives and funding opportunities and support organisations. We are relying on your consent to do this, which you have the right to withdraw at anytime by contacting us. We will retain and use your contact details for the purpose outlined until you withdraw your consent for CCBC to do so, or this service is no longer provided. We will not share your details with others unless there is a legal requirement to do so. You have a number of rights in relation to the information including the right of access to information we hold about you and the right of complaint if you are unhappy with the way your information is being processed. For further information on how we process your information and your rights please visit: https://www.caerphilly.gov.uk/My-Council/Data-protection-and-freedom-of-information/Data-subject-rights

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