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Pencoed Fach Farm

Pencoed Fach Farm is a family fun day out, complete with farm animals, tasty food and snacks, fresh dairy, and events!

Based in Blackwood, Pencoed Fach Farm is a working farm owned and run by the Davies Family, keeping up the family tradition and keeping the farm still running 110 years after it first began.

The farm has of course changed many times over the years and has now become a great place for the community to visit and enjoy.

The Little Meadow at Pencoed Fach Farm opened in May 2022, allowing members of the public to visit and interact with a variety of farm animals, such as sheep, pygmy goats, geese, chickens and ducks!

Pencoed Fach Farm is also home to The Littlest Dairy, where they milk a small herd of cows, pasteurise the milk on farm and then make it available to purchase from an on-site vending machine! The Littlest Dairy also offers milkshakes, organic eggs, cheesecakes, doughnuts and much more. The Littlest Dairy is looking to expand once more and will soon offer home-made ice cream.

Appealing to the whole family, Pencoed Fach Farm hold regular events that are fun for everyone. These events cover Easter, Halloween and Christmas – with fun events such as pumpkin picking and more!

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