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NuVo Designs

NuVo Designs is a gift shop based in Newbridge. This fantastic little shop is the place to go for gift inspiration and personalisation. Managed and owned by Husband and Wife team, Vince & Nicky, NuVo Designs have put their all into making their dream work – only opening in September 2020, the lockdowns have made it extremely tough for this small business.

Nicky started handmaking candles and wax melts from her home, before eventually moving into the shop with the help of the local community and social media. Now, NuVo Designs offer personalised gifts, candles, wax melts, and clothing.

Working with local crafters, NuVo Designs also offer other small businesses the opportunity to showcase their items in store – currently offering customers gift ideas such as bath bombs, jewellery, hot chocolate and crochet items.

To keep up to date with the latest offers and to be inspired for your next up-coming celebration, you can follow NuVo Designs on Social Media:-

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