Epic journey. The Wales Way.

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Blas Cambrian Taste Trail

The Cambrian Way is a north-south journey along the mountainous spine of Wales, and runs for 185 miles (300km) from coast to coast. The iconic route winds through two National Parks – Snowdonia and the Brecon Beacons and the big green spaces in between. At the north end you’ll find the Victorian splendour of Llandudno. At the south is Cardiff, our cosmopolitan capital city. Food plays a key role in telling the story of Wales by developing a strong and unique sense of place and attracting new and returning visitors alike.

Featuring over 200 food and drink experiences that range from tasty producers and unique food tours through to farmers markets and hip festivals, The Cambrian Way is genuinely a foodies’ dream that everyone should know about.

Blas Cambrian Taste Trail Interactive Map

Highlights Along The Cambrian Way


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